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Sodastrip Info
Sodastrip Pty Ltd are suppliers of all Abrasive Blasting Equipment and specilise in Soda Blasting Equipment

For Abrasive Blasting, look at our Blastmate Units.

For Soda Blasting look at our Microstrip Units which we can supply as Multimedia Units if required.

We also have the Portablasta Units which can be Multimedia (MS) or grit only (RC).
These units are ideal for spot blasting or smaller jobs and only require 26-36cfm depending on nozzle size.

Our Vacuum Blast units are supplied for Soda only (non recycle) or Grit only
 ( Recycle)  and can also be applied to our Portablasta.

We supply Quality Natrium Soda Blast Blast Media along with Sodastrip Garnet and the new to Australia JETMAG Abrasive. Other media's we can get for you on application.

Make an appointment to see us and we can discuss what is best suited to your needs and budget !